Privacy Policy
1. Policy: Target Pipeline LLC ("TP") Privacy Policy covers TP's treatment of personal or personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") that may be collected when you are on the TP web site and when you use TP's services. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that TP does not own or control, or to individuals that are not under TP's supervisory control.
2. Collection and Use of Personal Information: TP may collect Personal Information when you use certain services on the TP web site or when you visit cookie-enabled web pages. TP may also log your IP address when you use the TP web site. TP uses this Personal Information to fulfill requests for our services or products, to contact users regarding changes to our site or our business, and to customize the content that you might see on the TP web site. TP may also use "cookie" files to better serve your needs by creating a customized web site which fits your needs.
3. Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information: TP will not sell or rent your Personal Information to any individual, business, or government entity. TP will share your Personal Information with other entities should you request TP to share such information, or if TP is required to respond to court orders, subpoenas or other legal process.
4. User Accounts: TP allows users to set up personal accounts in conjunction with their usage of the web site or to participate in our on-line communities, such as our message boards. You have the ability to edit your User Information at any time, and may delete your account at your convenience. Under no condition will TP share your user account information with another individual, business or government entity, unless TP is required to respond to court orders, subpoenas or other legal process.
5. Encryption: All user account pages are protected with SSL encryption. All user accounts must be accessed with usernames and passwords. You are advised not to share your username and password with any other person.
6. For all users that setup a linkage between TP and Google:

6.a) Accesses: TP accesses your data through an API linkage provided by Google. Based on the connection establish we access your email, contacts, calendar, tasks and user

6.b) Uses: TP uses your data to provide you a quick view of your tasks within the TP dashboard and gives you the option to create a task which is then stored within Google Tasks system. TP uses your email to give you a quickview of all emails that are received and sent from a specific contact in your addressbook. TP uses your contacts to sync between your TP contact address book and Google's contact address book. TP uses your calendar to give you a quickview of your calendar and gives you the option to create a calendar event which is then stored within Google Calendar system.

6.c) Stores: TP stores the necessary tokens to keep the connection active from Google and the Google ID number of all contacts that are synced between the systems. TP does not store any Task, email or calendar related information

6.d) Shares: TP does not share your data with any third party.
7. Amendments: TP reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. TP will contact registered users by e-mail, and shall also post a notice of changes on its web site, when and if the terms of this policy are amended.
8. Contact: You may contact TP directly by e-mailing should you have any questions regarding this policy.